Supply Partners

Procurement Partners is built on a heritage of understanding of the hospitality from both sides of supply.

At Procurement Partners we’re looking to work with food companies that really are best in class at what they do. Of course, that starts with fantastic produce, but it is more than that. We are looking for companies that have excellent customer focus, great communication and a deep understanding of what chefs and operators need and how their service can be consistently good, day in, day out.

But, we also understand that food supply is not simple, you’re often working with produce that can be inconsistent in availability and price. Fresh produce comes with added challenges that cannot be understood simply by plugging information into a spreadsheet.

Meet The Team Cheese / Procurement
If you’d like to talk to us about becoming one of our trusted supplier get in touch.
Let’s talk.

We’re old school in some ways and value a direct conversation to supplement our digital information.

We know that customers can be demanding and we see it as our role to work with both the customer and the supplier to find the best solution for all involved. By doing this we find that relationships built on trust and respect are smoother, and last longer.

Procurement Partners want to support our suppliers, to help them work with customers who are the right “fit”. We will be there ready to pick up the phone, to call in and see you, because by knowing your key drivers we can help find the ideal customers for you.

And the best thing? We do all of this for a fixed fee, that’s transparent to all involved. Because, we all need to work together to get the best results.